Should I Blow?


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You reached this page because you answered "Yes" to the question "Were you driving a commercial vehicle and/or do you have a CDL"

If you were not in a commercial vehicle and do not have a CDL, you might want to:


Otherwise, if you're in the right place, you need to know:

CDL Holders are in a particularly difficult situation here and even more so if you were driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the stop.

  1. If you were driving a commercial vehicle and you blow over .04 OR if you refuse to blow you are facing the regular license suspension/revocation consequences AS WELL AS a 1 year disqualification of your CDL unless your attorney can win your license hearing due to good facts in the case AND win your criminal case or get it amended down to something that won’t result in a disqualification. An SIS on a DWI criminal case WILL result in a 1 year disqualification because of federal masking laws.

  2. If you are a CDL holder but were NOT driving a commercial vehicle, blowing over .08%  (.02% if you're under 21) OR if you refuse to blow it will also result in a 1-year disqualification, as will an SIS on the DWI criminal case. All potential outcomes are equally bad for someone who relies on their CDL for a living.

There is no right answer for a CDL holder. You must do everything possible to create GOOD FACTS in your case for your attorney because you must win your cases to avoid disqualification. This means not answering questions, not volunteering information about how much you drank or your level of intoxication, and getting in touch with an attorney AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.



I AM NOT YOUR LAWYER. I DO NOT KNOW YOUR PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES AND IN NO WAY SHOULD THE THINGS YOU ARE READING BE CONSIDERED LEGAL ADVICE.  It is simply a list of things for you to consider if any of the following circumstances applies to you. There may be other circumstances that apply to you that are not considered here. IF YOU WANT ME TO BE YOUR LAWYER AND GIVE YOU LEGAL ADVICE—GIVE ME A CALL AND WE CAN GO THROUGH ALL THE NECESSARY STEPS TO GET TO THAT POINT, BUT WE’RE NOT THERE YET. 

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