DWI Expungements In Missouri

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Do You Qualify For a DWI Expungement in Missouri?

At Skilled Law, we can help you have your Missouri DWI, DUI or BWI expunged if you meet the following statutory requirements:

  1. You were convicted of, or pled guilty to DWI, BWI, or DUI in a Missouri State or Municipal Court.

  2. Your conviction or plea was for a first-time alcohol-related driving offense and you have not been charged or conviction with another DWI, BWI, or DUI since.

  3. You do not have a Commercial Driver License and are not required to have a commercial driver license. 

  4. Your DWI or DUI did not occur in a Commercial Vehicle.

  5. Ten years or more has passed since your conviction.

  6. You have no currently pending alcohol related charges.

  7. You have not had any other alcohol-related enforcement contacts since your conviction date.

If you fit these criteria, or are not sure if you fit these criteria, contact us today. Our DWI expungement rates start at $850 plus filing fees and service fees. 

Our Skilled DWI Lawyer can help you clear your record!

If you have a non-DWI charge you'd like to have expunged, click here.

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