Should I Blow?


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You've Reached This Page Because you Answered "No" to the question "Have you been drinking ANY alcoholic beverages and/or taking ANY drugs (prescription or otherwise) in the last 24-48 hours?"

To me, that means you are saying: 

 "No, definitely not! I have never had a sip and don’t take any prescriptions or breathe around pot smokers or eat poppy seed bagels or anything!!"


 And if that is the case, you can Stop here! You’re golden. Go ahead and take whatever breath, blood, or urine tests they’re requesting so you can go home already!

But, if you're second guessing your answer, you might want to 

And start again!

I AM NOT YOUR LAWYER. I DO NOT KNOW YOUR PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES AND IN NO WAY SHOULD THE THINGS YOU ARE READING BE CONSIDERED LEGAL ADVICE.  It is simply a list of things for you to consider if any of the following circumstances applies to you. There may be other circumstances that apply to you that are not considered here. IF YOU WANT ME TO BE YOUR LAWYER AND GIVE YOU LEGAL ADVICE—GIVE ME A CALL AND WE CAN GO THROUGH ALL THE NECESSARY STEPS TO GET TO THAT POINT, BUT WE’RE NOT THERE YET.

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