Should I Blow?


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Ok, So you are over 21, do not have a CDL, were not in a commercial vehicle, but HAVE had a prior DWI arrest.

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However, if this is you, here are some things you should consider when making YOUR decision about whether to blow or not:

It is unlikely for your attorney to work out a deal to keep your license if you refuse to blow due to your prior DWI arrests. This means the attorney would have to win your refusal case based on good facts or you would lose your license for 1-year. If you choose to blow and have had another administrative alcohol suspension in the past 5 years, even your blow case can result in a one-year revocation.


You are equally likely to lose your license if you blow or not, but it could be made worse if you refuse AND the officer applies for a warrant for a blood draw.


You may be slightly better off if you blow unless you were involved in an accident (read more about that here).

I AM NOT YOUR LAWYER. I DO NOT KNOW YOUR PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES AND IN NO WAY SHOULD THE THINGS YOU ARE READING BE CONSIDERED LEGAL ADVICE.  It is simply a list of things for you to consider if any of the following circumstances applies to you. There may be other circumstances that apply to you that are not considered here. IF YOU WANT ME TO BE YOUR LAWYER AND GIVE YOU LEGAL ADVICE—GIVE ME A CALL AND WE CAN GO THROUGH ALL THE NECESSARY STEPS TO GET TO THAT POINT, BUT WE’RE NOT THERE YET. 

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