Should I Blow?


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NOW we know that you are over 21, don't have a CDL, weren't driving a commercial vehicle, have no priors and were not involved in an accident.

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Otherwise, if all the things in giant font at the top of the page are true, this is some stuff you should know when making YOUR decision about whether or not to blow:

If this is your first DWI, you are not a CDL holder and were not driving a commercial vehicle, and no accident was involved, you may be SLIGHTLY better off refusing to blow IF you were arrested in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, or Jefferson County. This is the case because prosecutors in those counties are sometimes willing to work out a deal to allow you to avoid a license loss in refusal cases. It’s not a sure thing, and you should not count on these deals in any other county, but for those very specific circumstances in those particular counties, a refusal may be the best bet. Otherwise, blowing will result in a 90 day suspension unless your attorney has good facts to work with that will help them to win the administrative case.

I AM NOT YOUR LAWYER. I DO NOT KNOW YOUR PERSONAL CIRCUMSTANCES AND IN NO WAY SHOULD THE THINGS YOU ARE READING BE CONSIDERED LEGAL ADVICE.  It is simply a list of things for you to consider if any of the following circumstances applies to you. There may be other circumstances that apply to you that are not considered here. IF YOU WANT ME TO BE YOUR LAWYER AND GIVE YOU LEGAL ADVICE—GIVE ME A CALL AND WE CAN GO THROUGH ALL THE NECESSARY STEPS TO GET TO THAT POINT, BUT WE’RE NOT THERE YET. 

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