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Edmundson, MO DWI Attorney

Did You Receive a DWI in Edmundson, Missouri?

DWI’s are serious charges. The attorney at is well-suited to help you face these charges. The legal limit in Missouri is .08%. If you have been arrested for a first time DWI, it may be possible for you to receive an SIS, or suspended imposition of sentence probation in Missouri. For aggravated offenders, this is rarely a possibility.

If you drive for a living, a DWI can be a big issue. Even if you aren’t a CDL holder, there are plenty of other careers that require a valid license. Drivers for Uber and Lyft likely will lose their jobs if they are convicted of DWI.

Even if its too late for you to get an attorney working on your license case, you should still hire one to handle the criminal matter. Not appearing in court could result in a warrant for your arrest and a bond forfeiture.

Hire a smart, responsible attorney like the lawyer at to handle your Edmundson DWI in St. Louis County today for great pricing and outstanding representation.

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