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DWI's are a complex legal matter that require the help of an attorney who knows DWI law inside out. Skilled Law, has the experience and training to get the best outcome for you. Anyone who gets a DWI in Missouri is really dealing with two separate cases--a license suspension or revocation, and a criminal case. Learn more about how each of these cases will impact you below.

Skilled DWI Lawyer St Louis is Here for You

Skilled DWI Lawyer St Louis is Here for You One of the key differences between DWI's and other charges is that DWI's can happen to anyone. Even though DWI is a crime, a person who gets a DWI is usually a normal, law-abiding person with a career and a family, who is completely caught off guard by facing criminal charges.

Doctors, Nurses, Professionals, Students, Workers, and even other Lawyers often find themselves in the stressful and difficult predicament of facing a DWI charge. Our Skilled DWI Attorney knows this, and will always treat you with respect and dignity throughout the process.

We promise to value your input, to keep communications open, to respond quickly, and above all, keep your best interests in the forefront throughout your representation.

Using our years of experience and the hundreds of DWI cases under our belt, you can trust that Skilled DWI Lawyer will give you the best representation possible for a fair, competitive price.

You can call or text us now to get started. You can also learn more about our process below, or read about the two separate cases you face when you are charged with DWI: the criminal case and the license case.

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We can discuss your DWI by text, phone, or email. If you'd like a quick price quote, fill out this form and our attorney will get right back to you using whichever contact method you choose. There is no pre-screening by a paralegal, you'll talk to a real lawyer right from the start, and will have personal access to them by phone or text throughout your representation. Call 636-321-2600 to get started.


SKILLED DWI LAWYER ST LOUIS STEP 2: LET US DO THE WORK After you decide to hire us, we'll get started on your cases by entering as your attorney of record, requesting discovery, requesting an administrative hearing or filing a petition for review of your license case, and getting to work on getting the best outcome possible for you. During this time, we will give you updates but the courts can be slow. If there are court dates during this time, you will usually not be required to appear-we will go on your behalf. There won't be much for you to do, but you can rest easy knowing your matter is being taken care of by someone who knows what they're doing and has your best interests in mind!


Although we will devise a basic plan with you when you first hire us, after receiving and reviewing all the discovery in your case, we will reach out to give you guidance and choices about the next best steps.


Normally your appearance in court will be required to wrap up the criminal portion of your DWI case. You can learn more about expected possible outcomes here. Whether we are entering a plea or going to trial, this will be the last step in the process. We will let you know well in advance when your appearance is required and what you can expect. Your attorney will be there with you to guide you through and help you to understand anything else that is required.

Skilled DWI Lawyer St Louis is Here for You

You can call or text us now to get started.